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Zhejiang Jinrui Hardware Rigging Co.,Ltd

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1483254649127847.jpgZhejiang Jinrui Hardware Rigging Co.,Ltd was established in 1992 and it was previously named as Wenzhou Lucheng Rigging Co.,Ltd, located by the beautiful Shupu river, the company headquarter is at No.58 Shengfa Road, Lucheng Light industrial Zone, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province. Since the company was formed, the business has been growing constantly and it has developed into a company with more than three-hundred employees , which include more than fifty specialized technicians. The company has professional research, development, sales teams with the factory floor covers over 23,000 square meters (247,000 square feet) and equipped with advanced equipments including Lathe, punching machine, milling machine, grinding machine, automatic pounding machine, hydraulic press, thermal refining stove, electronic thermostat stove, laser marking machine; the advanced surface treatment machine including automatic galvanize tank, oxidation tank, automatic surface polishing machine and for the testing equipment including CNC pulling strength testing machine, stainless steel spectrum characteristic testing equipment, salt spray test enginery, zinc thickness tester etc.

Our operation philosophy is to pursuing the quality perfection, putting the customers first, pioneering spirit, being the best and these practices have been adopted by every employee of our company. Our most popular products include snap hook, quick link, rigging screw, shackle etc.Our company has won high praise from our customers from Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and the regions such as Taiwan.

The company pursues being the best through various methods such as constantly improving product quality, introducing quality management procedure and employee qualified professionals. In 2005 the company was rewarded with ISO9001(2000 edition) quality system authentication and in 2010 awarded with SGS/ISO9001(2008 edition) quality system authentication. For many years our company has been rated as an AA grade company certified by the provincial commerce committee and one of the top one hundred most Agricultural Bank and one of the top fifty tax generating enterprise certified by the local inland revenue.

The slogan of our company is striving for the best and maximizing the customer satisfaction; our policies also include go green and taking social responsibilities. We believe in an even brighter future by working with our customers wholeheartedly and altogether to create a better tomorrow!

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